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Crystal Krieger

Advanced Sommelier

Crystal grew up in West Virginia across the mountain from the Homestead Resort. Her father worked at Westvaco for 42 years. She was born in Covington, Virginia. Her mother worked at theGreenbrier Resort and later becoming a stay at home mother. The people call her the traveled local and she is very proud of it. She met her husband Chef Kyle Krieger while working at the Greenbrier. Her extensive training began from working at the Golf Pro Shop to serving the most elite guests in the Main Dining Room,Tavern Room, and Sam Snead’s at the Golf Club. After working at the Greenbrier, she had a short opportunity to cross over the mountain and work at the Homestead in the Gourmet Shop and Men’sClothing Store.After marrying her husband, Chef Kyle and Crystal began travelling to get experience in the hospitality business. She worked with prestigious teams of management professionals including MasterSommeliers and Master Chefs at places like; The American Club in Kohler Wisconsin, The Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida and The Greenbrier Resort. She also worked at an upscale French restaurant, Bistro Bis on Capitol Hill.