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Photo of Kyle Krieger

Kyle Krieger

Executive Chef/CEO

Passionate, driven, and innovative, Chef Kyle Krieger has developed his art next to some of the most talented professional chefs of modern times. A native of northern Ohio, Chef Krieger started his career in a local restaurant while attending college for business administration, his formal training started at the Greenbrier. After cooking at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island,Mi, he classically apprenticed at The Greenbrier. Chef Krieger honed time honored traditional cooking skills while at the same time perfecting modern cooking techniques. Promoted to Chef of the Ritz-Carlton’s flagship Grill Room in Naples, Florida after a year at the hotel, Chef Krieger developed a yearning for a more local approach to cooking. Born in the deep south, raised in the Midwest, and living throughout the east coast; fresh ingredients and artisanal products have inspired him to extract the best experience from any culinary product.